George Montgomery is an award-winning, seasoned creative director and veteran executive producer with wide ranging experience in branding, on-air promotion and marketing of targeted creative work that consistently delivers both viewers and revenue. He has served as a preferred vendor of brand and creative design driven marketing and promotion development and production for top television networks, film studios, global brands and ad agencies.

Montgomery provided the creative leadership and vision to build a multi-million dollar boutique editorial and motion graphic design agency from the ground up with consistent year over year growth for over 15 years. His entrepreneurial responsibilities have motivated the evolution and mastery of proven skills in business development, sales and marketing, financial planning and strategy, talent recruiting and development, workflow design, acquisition and implementation, and daily operational management.

He is a devoted leader, empathetic contributor, and loyal supporter of the creative teams and clients he connects with. His creative passion drives a desire for achievement in his teams by maximizing each individual's contribution and potential, while still pushing the limits of innovation. George has energized, inspired and developed new creative talent throughout his career. It is possible to connect a long list of dynamic and accomplished creatives and producers to early starts with Montgomery, with a very high percentage of his former employees placed in strategic positions with industry leading companies.

His experience as a director, producer and writer in his field is all-encompassing from concept and budgeting through production execution and final delivery. He has written, produced, directed and managed a continuous stream of multiple simultaneous creative projects including main title designs, live action shoots, series launch promos, priority stunt campaigns, network rebrands, upfront presentations, image spots, show packages, film promotions and trailers, media installations, PSAs, and visual effects.

He can survey and absorb the key positions of a broad range of project stakeholders and streamline them into core proposals of creative direction, inspire the development and execution of a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions and present them with intuitive and persuasive verbal and written communication.

George is an experienced collaborator who will always stay true to the fundamental beliefs of the client while bringing innovative points of view and evolutionary advances to those same beliefs. He can recruit a creative team, design a workflow of methodology, technique and style that fits the goals of a project or campaign and navigate the continued needs of varied and invested participants through every stage of the creative process until all parties are satisfied, then execute and deliver all elements on time and budget.

Time and again the results of this process are award winning and groundbreaking rich media projects that surpass expectation, and over deliver on their mission.